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A Realm of Fantasy and Reality
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Well, you want some links? Here are some links!

Links to Writing/Art Sites:




Lostpainting.Com-an art site by a good friend of mine, Cathy Groves.


Links to Anime/TV/Actor/Book Sites:



Family Guy Official Site

Ian Somerhalder Official Site

Robert Pattinson Official Site



Links to Other Sites:

Braingle-like brain teasers? Like to learn new stuff? This is your place!

Dream Moods-a site on dream interpretation

Television Without Pity-fun summaries and forums to discuss your favorite TV shows.

Basic Wiccan Terms-I use this website for research purposes. Having Pagan characters, I need to use it quite a bit. That really is one of the only reasons I looked up Wicca (the other is because I genuinely want to learn about it. Doesn't mean I'll convert but I want to know what's about).

Wikipedia-the source for just about anything you want. It won't always be 100% accurate so be careful.

Harry Potter Lexicon-everything you need to know about Harry Potter and then some.

YouTube- Ah, You Tube. You can't be anywhere without it anymore. A good place to watch videos of anything really.

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