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Fanart, Designs, etc.

The Home of Icons, Character Designs, Fanart, and all kinds of goodies!

This is where you'll find all kinds of things made by me and other people.



Types of Poetry

The Fullmetal Alchemist Drinking Game

20 Things You Should Not Do As A CSI

Below this is fanart. All of it is clean and if I were to have NC-17 pictures or anything suggestive, I would make sure that it was labeled. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS ART WITHOUT MINE AND THE ARTIST'S PERMISSION! Some of this was drawn specifically for me and I'd appreciate not seeing it all over the net. Thank you.

Fanart by murasaki_yanagi
Murasaki-yanagi has drawn some lovely fanart for my story, "Switch". (Which is finally going up!)

Switch 1
Switch 2 (color)
Ken as Aya

Fanart by Pockykingwindy
Several great pictures by pockykingwindy. A lot too! They will be uploaded eventually.

22nd Birthday Picture
Grapes (RanKen)
Wuv Triangle(BP)

Fanart by Eda

Eda didn't give me too much but I did love this picture. Too bad she had no idea what Devil May Cry was XD.

Devil May Cry

Fanart by apathy_doll
Laura is my artistic soulmate, lol. She's been doing me JOL fanart. Thank you, sweets!

Debra (colored)
Debs sexy (not for children)
Tiffany (in lingerie)

Fanart by Terra
These next few fanarts are book cover fanarts. Terra is doing this for me (well one of the people doing this for me) and are all covers of FOI.

Rough Draft FOI
Cover rough sketch
Cover in color, not complete
Cover in color with small changes, incomplete.
Cover complete sans words
Back cover sans words
Side of book sans words

Fanart by mishiro_san
A Christmas gift for me! I'm still quite the PLC fan despite what has happened! Yura-sama remains one of my favorites

Yura-sama Yume Kazaguruma

Fanart by Brandi
More Christmas 05 presents! One FMA character and two Fruits Basket characters! Great stuff!

Picture 1: Ed of FMA
Picture 2: Kisa of Furuba
Picture 3: Hatori of Furuba

Banners from various people! Each one is credited and these were made for me so no taking. Thanks!

V-day 06 banner from Heather
Birthday banner 06 from Momo
Birthday banner 06 from Meaghann
V-day 06 banner from Susan
V-day banner from Laura
V-day banner from Erin
Most Slytherpuff banner from Lumos Hufflepuffs
Most Likely to Be Headmaster/mistress by Lumos Puffs
Hogsmeade award from H_E Puffs
Future Professor HM from H_E Puffs
Best Writer from H_E Puffs

Fanart from Random Memes, Birthday Gifts, and Requests- Yup, some folks drew me things from random memes at Livejournal!Each one credited again, please do not take. Thanks.

Remus as the Phantom by Roonil_Wazlib80

Silly fanart of Aya and Bjork with meatloaf

Hufflepuff portrait by Maaike

Hufflepuff # 2 Reading by Rotae

Original Fanart from Children's Story by LunyLucy

We've got fanart from fanfics and so much more...I sound like a dork and I don't care!

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