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Update 11/10/05: No, really, it's update time! More CSI crack!

Rating System:
G- Traffic Ticket
PG- Forgery
PG13- Petty Theft
R- Grand High Larceny
NC17- First Degree Murder


This is a fanfiction section. This is not my original work. The stuff that happened in these stories most likely didn't happen in the show (unless I'm tying it somehow with something that happened in the show/book/etc.). Also note that a lot of these stories were written a while ago and may not follow continuity. Yes, I did tweak things around. There are some that are AU (which means the characters are in another situation/place than the norm).

Also note a few other things: 1) I am human, I am capable of forgetting simple things and making mistakes. 2) There are disclaimers on all stories (although I might have left them off in preceeding chapters but the first one will usually have it). 3) If you email me, please put either the story's name in the subject line or mention you were at my website. Cause if you don't put a subject, I am most likely going to delete it. ^^

Harry Potter Fanfics

Scent of a Love Potion

A short little Ron/Hermione centered fic (though it doesn't necessarily have a whole lot love in it. *rated Traffic Ticket*

HP Drabbles # 1

Just several HP drabbles I've written over the years. Spoilers in them. Mostly G and PG.

Weiss Kreuz Fanfics

White Surprise

An accident lands Ken in the hospital and brings him close to a mystery he hasn't wanted to solve for years. Can his guardian angel help him? Aya/Ken with Schu messing around. Yaoi. *rated Petty Theft*

Prologue 1 2 3 4

Blank Pages

AU. Ran is a novelist struggling with writer's block. Ken is the mysterious young man who enters his life. When their worlds intertwine, a lot of things happen...for the better and worse. Ran/Ken, Yohji/Schu/Brad triangle, Nagi/Omi

Prologue 1 2

Seven Days of Smiles

Ken decides to help Omi get through his last few days. The giftfic for my 500th visitor. Ken/Omi. *rated Forgery*

Don't Be Afraid of Love

Ran has fallen in love with Ken. But he doesn't know what to do next. Ran/Ken *rated Forgery*


Schuldig spends time with Ken on his final days. Schuldig/Ken. *explicit sex, yaoi lemon* *rated First Degree Murder*


Possibly the most messed up story I have ever written! I honestly think I was high or wasted or both. Anyway, Weiss switches bodies and minds! Ran/Ken mostly. *rated Forgery*

Prologue 1 2

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfics

Kiss the Girl

Cloud and Aeris on their date. *Yes, I always ended up dating her. Cloud x Aeris. Cait Sith plays a big part too. *rated Forgery for a few bad words*

The Flame

Reno goes to search for Yuffie in Wutai after so long. Will he find her? Reno/Yuffie. *rated Forgery*

Tiny Misunderstanding

To save himself from Avalanche's wrath, Reno tells a tiny white lie, that he's in love with Yuffie. To make him prove his honesty, they send him on numerous dates. Still, he doesn't like her...right? *Reno/Yuffie* *Rated Petty Theft*

Prologue 1 2

Stand Inside Your Love

Another Cloud dating Aeris scene. Quite different from the other one. Cloud x Aeris. *duh* *rated Forgery*

Digimon Fanfics

Love Will Find A Way

Kari and Koushiro have secretly been dating behind everyone's back. Then Kari's parents find out. Will their punishment keep Kari from the one she loves? *rated Forgery*

You Can Talk To Me

Izzy and Joe spend some time talking with each other. Non-yaoi. A friendship fic. *rated Traffic Ticket*

Without Love

Tai reflects on his life with Sora and how she changed him. Tai/Sora. *rated Forgery*

Under the Mistletoe

Davis waits under the mistletoe for Kari to kiss him. Will he get what he wants? *Davis/Kari* *rated Traffic Ticket*

Clue Fanfics

My Immortal

Mr. Boddy finally dies and not by anyone's hand. The effects his death has on Mrs. White are devastating. Implied Boddy/White. *Rated Forgery*

Rurouni Kenshin Fanfics

Strange Love Sonatina

Soujirou can't stop thinking about/stalking/dreaming about Aoshi. Aoshi x Soujirou. Yaoi lemon. Explicit. *rated First Degree murder*


No Words Can Explain

Misao tries to get her feelings for Aoshi down in a letter. *rated Traffic Ticket*

Erotic Alchemy

Aoshi surprises Misao after one wild night. Aoshi/Misao *explicit sex, het lemon* *rated First Degree Murder*

Truth or Dare

AU. The Kenshin gang is at a party when Megumi dares Kaoru and Misao to sing to the men they love! Oh, what are they to do? Kenshin/Kaoru. Aoshi/Misao.

Misc. Fanfics

Second Love

Series: Sailor Moon *Rated Traffic Ticket*

Rei realizes that she will always be Mamoru's second love, never his first. Gift for my 1500th visitor.

The Amazing Anime Race

Series: Several. *Rated Forgery* Come, join several of your favorite characters as they race around the world. Back stabbing, alliances, and so much more will be formed as they race to the end!

Prologue 0

Autumn Romance

Series: Yami no Matsuei Hisoka is feeling down so Tsuzuki, with the help of some falling leaves, decides to figure out why! Tsuzuki/Hisoka. *yaoi* Rated *Traffic Ticket*

CSI Crack Parodies: Grave Danger

Series: CSI. Pure crack of the season 5 finale. Warning though, it has a lot of naughty things in it. *rated Petty Theft*

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V

Eventually there will more sections for fanfics.

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